Sri Lanka Street Food

The food is fantastic in Sri Lanka. If you plan to travel Sri Lanka, you must have an understanding of Sri Lanka street food because you will see a lot of meals on the street and restaurant. So this article will help you to choose the best and delicious food list which you can find in Sri Lanka.

So I will give you all the food that you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, I will provide you some snacks that taste like heaven.

Sri Lanka Street Food for Breakfast

Sri Lanka Street Food

Coconut Roti with Lunumiris

Coconut Roti, also known as Pol Roti, is the most common food for breakfast. It made with wheat flour and coconut. It is so easy to cook. You will find coconut roti in most food restaurants.

You can eat it with Lunumiris. That is a sambal witch made with mixing union chilli powder and salt.  It so delicious and you will eat a lot of Coconut Rotis with Lunumiris.

Also, you can get one roti around $0.17 to $0.22.

String Hoppers

string hoppers

String hoppers are one of the traditional and delicious food that you can eat in Sri Lankan restaurants. It made with rice flours. There have two kinds of string hoppers. Those are white hoppers and brown hoppers. White hoppers made with white rice flour. And brown color one made with brown rice flour.

A white color one is delicious that brown hoppers. But brown color hopper has more nutrients.

20-30 of string hoppers will full your stomach until lunch. You can get 20 string hoppers around $0.2 – $ 0.3.

You can eat it with coconut sambal, dhal curry, coconut milk curry, potato curry, or any gravy curry.

So You will get a delicious breakfast when you spend $0.8 -$1

 Egg Roti

 Egg Roti

Egg roti is another excellent street food that only you can find in Sri Lanka. Egg roti is made with thick layers of flour and adding an egg to the middle of that layer.

You can eat it with gravy curry. When you buy it, tell them to cut the Rotties for little pieces. So that will make more taste.

You will get one egg roti around $0.3. 3-4 of Rotties will be able to full your breakfast.


Parata is the same as egg roti. The only difference is it didn’t add eggs. Parata is my favorite food in the Sri Lanka street food list.

You will get one Parata around $0.1. And you can eat it with any kind of gravy curry. As egg roti, when you buy it, tell them to cut for little pieces.



Hopes are the most popular food in Sri Lanka. There have two kinds of hoppers, plane hopes, and egg hopes. Hopper makes with flour and coconut milk mixture. The middle of the hopper is soft. And around the hopper is thick and cracks.

In egg hopper, make with add egg to the middle of the plane hopper. Also, it adds some paper with salt.

You can use Lunumiris to eat hopes.

You will get one hope for around $0.08.



There has a lot of short-eats food around the street food restaurant. So you can get short-eats food as your breakfast. The most common short-eats are wade, rolls, vegetable roti, sandwich bun, egg bun, chicken bun.

Wade made with dhal. Other foods are made with flour and add some portion inside it.

The taste of those foods is fantastic, and you will love to eat them.

You will get one short eat food around $0.2. You can add some sauce to the food, and it will improve the taste of the food.


Some of the above mention foods are not so healthy for your body. Because some of them made with frying deeply and using flour. If you have gastritis or other kinds of illness, above mention foods will be suitable

So you can eat beans. There have a lot of bean foods, chickpea,

Those foods are cock by steam.

Those foods are healthy and delicious. You can eat that food with coconut or Lunumiris.

You will get one plate of beans around $0.3


Bread is another typical food to get as your breakfast. Also, it knows as “Paan” in Sri Lanka. It is so delicious and soft food to eat. It makes with wheat flour. They use Yeast to get the softness of the bread. (It same as  regular bread you know )

You can eat it with curry or coconut sambal. You can eat slices of bread with gravy curries like dhal, potato, fish, or chicken.

Kola Kada

kola kada

If you like to drink ayurvedic leaf drinks. Kola Kada is the best choice you can get in Sri Lanka. Kola Kada is healthier for your body. Kola Kada makes with ayurvedic leaf mixing with rice. One glass of Kola Kada will boost your energy and fill your stomach.

You can eat hakuru to drink kola kada.

Those are the food you can find in Sri Lanka street restaurants for breakfast. Also, you can eat rice, those, Kiribati, Pittu and many more.

Sri Lanka Street Food for Lunch

Rice and Curry

Rice and Curry

Most of the time, you can get awesome Sri Lanka rice and curry for your lunch. That is the most popular and excellent choice. So let’s see those foods.


Mainly There have two kinds of rice. Those are white and brown Rice (there has a different type of brown and white rice). So you can eat rice by mixing curries.

It means the most essential and delicious part is the teste of curries. There have a lot of curries you can mix with the rice. But I will shear the most delicious and popular curries.

Dhal Curry

Dhal Curry

You will find dhal curry in all street food restaurant. It so popular and it can mix with all rice. Dhal curry made with dhal mixing with ingredients like coconut milk, chilly, union, and more natural ingredients. It cooks for 20-30 min.

It will become a soft and delicious curry after cooking it.

Fish Curry

In fish curry, you will get gravy and hot feeling. Most of the time, they use fish types like yellowfin tuna, Jack, Skipjack tuna. The chef will add a lot of flavours when cock those fish. So this curry will become spicy and red.

You will get a fantastic taste when you mix it with rice.

Potato Fry or Curry

potato curry

Potato curry or fry will be essential food in Sri Lankan rice. The potato will steam before cooked or fried it. Potato fry makes with steam potato mixing with onion, chilly, and other ingredients. After that, this mixture will fry with coconut oil.

Potato curry cooked by steam potato mixing with coconut milk and adding other flavours. So this curry will be gravy with sweet and fantastic taste.

Tomato Salad

Tomato Salad -sri lanka street food

Tomato salad is another delicious food. It made with mixing tomato, big union, green chilli, paper, and other ingredients. It is easy and simple salad. But it is the best thing to eat, mixing with rice.

Green Beans Curry

Green beans are another taste food. It made with mixing green beans, coconut milk, and other ingredients like chilly, union, curry leaves, and more additional ingredients. Then they cooked it for 20-30 mins. It is a healthy and delicious curry.

Pennywort Salad

Pennywort salad, also known as Gotu kola, is one of the healthy foods that you can find in Sri Lanka. It made with pennywort leaf, coconut, green chilli, and other ingredients. So this is healthy and delicious food. You can mix it with rice and other curries like dhal or potato.

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is cook with coconut milk, chicken, and other ingredients. So this is spicy curry, and it tastes fantastic with rice. I hope you are familiar with chicken curry.

Bitter-Gourd Curry or Fry

Sri Lanka Street Food Bitter gourd

Bitter-gourd curry is another healthy food. It’s not so delicious, but when you mix it with rice. The bitter taste will reduce. Also, bitter-gourd fry has better taste than curry.

So this food is another recommended food that you can add to your lunch.

Sprats Curry or Fry

Sprats is another excellent food that you can add to your lunch plate. Both curry and fry are so delicious. Sprats curry cooked with coconut milk, sprats, and mixing other ingredients like chilly, curry lives, also adding potato to sprats curry will make the taste better.

Sprats fry is delicious the same as curry. It cooks by frying sprats and mixing with the union and other ingredients.

Papadum and Fried Red Chili

Sri Lanka Street Food papadam

Papadum and fried red chili can make your lunch so delicious. Those are common foods that you can get in any restaurant.

Papadum can add tastier to your lunch.

Fried Rice

Sri Lanka Street Food

Fried rice is another food that you can get as lunch in Sri Lanka street restaurant. There have many fried rice categories like,

  • Chicken rice
  • Egg rice
  • Mix rice
  • Seafood rice

And many more rice recipes. All of those have great taste, and you will be able to age a full lunch.

Those fried rice cook with mixing vegetable eggs chicken and other ingredients with rice while frying it. (Those ingredients will change as the rice type)

You will get gravies like chilly, fish, or chicken to mix with fried rice. So it is delicious.

Sri Lanka Street Food for Dinner

When we talk about dinner, we can get all the food that I mention at breakfast and lunch. The reason for that is those all meals available at the restaurant at night time. So I am not going to them again in this section.

At dinner, you can get exceptional food for that called kottu.



Kottu is such famous and delicious food. You can eat kottu for your lunch too. But it suitable to eat at dinner.

There have a few categories of kottu like

  • Vegetable
  • Egg
  • Chicken
  • Cheese
  • Fish

So they make kottu with wheat flour mixture. So that mixture to make roti. That roti is the same as Parata. The only difference is, it will cut for small pieces. So when you order a kottu, they will mix that little piece of roti with vegetables, eggs, and other ingredients that you ordered. (If you order chicken kottu they will add chicken if you order cheese kottu they will add cheese)

They use two metal plats to mix ingredients. So it will make nice when what metal plats chop the Parata pieces.

You will get a kottu between $1 to $6. It depends on your choice. Also, you can buy full or half kottu.

You will get some gravy curry to eat kottu. So you can mix the kottu with that curry. Also, most of the time, kottu will be a little bit spicy.

The beautiful thing is you can watch how they make your kottu. The sound of making it is fantastic.


Sri Lanka Street Food

There have impressive snacks that you can eat while you are traveling.

The first one is king coconut. It is a delicious drink that you can buy for around $0.5. If you are in a thirsty and sunny day, king coconut will make you a relaxed feeling.

You can get chips like potatoes and other small chips. Those chips are called bites. So those chips have fantastic taste.

Also, there have fruits like mango, ambarella, orange, and many more. That food will add fantastic feelings to your travel.

So those are the Sri Lanka street food that you can eat for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I hope you get valuable information. And if you plan to visit Sri Lanka, do not miss those foods. You will add great taste to your travel with those foods.

Thank you for reading. Also, feel free to read my other articles about Sri Lanka travel.  Click here to check more things about Sri Lanka tourism.

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