Unawatuna is a small town located in the southern province of Sri Lanka. So it’s all about Unawatuna Sri Lanka. You can do a lot of things in this place. So I will shear all you want to know about Unawatuna.

There have around 6 kilometres from Galle to Unawatuna. If you came from Galle, you have to use Colombo-gale road, and you have to turn Walle Devala Raod. That road will direct you to Unawatuna beach.

Welle Devala road is famous among foreign travellers. So you will find a lot of different kinds of small shops on this road. You will love it.

So I will list the best places you can visit in Unawatuna.

Unawatuna Beach

unawatuna-beach Unawatuna Sri Lanka

Unawatuna beach is fantastic and clean. You can spend this beach without getting any disturb. Also, you will not find the local travellers on the beach. So it will help you to spend time without getting annoying form others.

The sea is beautiful and calm. Also, you can surf and swim in the Unawatuna sea. It is a safe place. You can use this place to train for surfing and swim.

If you travel with your family and kids, they will love to play on the sand. This sand is different from other places in Sri Lanka beach because this beach rebuilds by pumping sand from the deep sea.

This beach gets full of crowd. So you will not alone. But the beach is vast. So you don’t need to worry about other people.

There has a bunch of restaurants near the beach. So you can buy your favorites foods not only that you can rent surfing boards, chairs, and umbrellas.

Also, you can get a boat ride for Scuba. There has a boat with a glass window. So you can saw corral and fish in that boat travel.

The sunset view is fantastic.

There has a small downside, that is, the price is a little bit high. So be aware of that.

Jungle Beach

Jungle Beach unawatuna sri lanka

Jungle Beach is the next beach that you should visit. You will reach the jungle beach within 30 min from Unawatuna beach. You will arrive within 5 min If you use tuk-tuk. This beach is not so crowded (On holidays it gets crowded), but it’s a small beach.  The sea is calm and pleasant.

There have rocks in the middle of the sea. But it will not affect swimming. Also, there has a jungle beside the beach. And it looks natural. There have monkeys in that jungle. Also, there has a tree near the beach. So it will cover you from the sun.

The beach has some big rocks also there have some small rocks too. So you have to skip them when you walk on the beach.

Unawatuna Devol Devalaya (Welle Dewalaya)

Unawatuna Devol Devalaya

This place is historical and older than 750 years. This place found by Prince Dewol. People treat to prince Dewol as a god. He was a great person who had skills and powers. So this place is a sacred place. And people warship to Devol god in this place.

You will see the temple of that god with his pictures. Also, you will get a blessing from the god.:D

Japanese Peace PagodaJapanese Peace Pagoda


Japanese Peace Pagoda is a Buddhist temple built by a Japanese monk.  So this is a religious place which located in Galle bay. It has a beautiful ocean view, and sunset is amazing.

Visit this place in the weekday morning because you will be alone at that time. It’s a calm and stunning view.

The space of this place is enormous so that you can get a nice walk around this place. It located at the famous Rumassala Mountain.

You can go there when you go to see jungle beach,

So those are the best place you can find in Unawatuna Sri Lanka. I hope you get useful information here. Thank you for reading. Feel free to read my other traveling articles. I will see you ni next time.

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